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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need when requesting a payment for a student award?
    In requesting for an award, submit a completed expenditure request form with the name, permanent mailing address and include individual’s social security number (1099 purposes). Also, provide any and all established award criteria such as how often the award is expected to be made and how many, indication of how the winners were chosen, and the source of funding for the award including Foundation fund name and number. Remember all UofM employee awards (including student workers/graduate assistants) must be submitted directly to the University of Memphis for payment. The Foundation fund may be used to reimburse the University for such expenses.
  • What do I need for travel expenses?
    *Domestic travel is reimbursed after the trip is made and not in advance of travel and no PO is required. Please submit the completed expenditure request form with the purpose of the trip, individuals involved and include all original detailed receipts and maps (Map Quest) for mileage. Also, complete a Claim for Traveling Expenses form which is located on the University of Memphis Accounting website. Refer to the UofM's Accounting website for approved rates for hte State of TN and for other cities and states. *Hawaii/Alaska/Out of Country Travel ca be paid by the Foundation when the travel has been properly approved per the University's policy (approved by the President or designee). The request must include a properly completed University of Memphis travel claim form and original receipts. Also, the foreign currency converter ( should be used for conversion with dates and amounts.
  • What do I need to request payment for an honorarium?
    In requesting for an honorarium payment, send the completed expenditure request form with the individual’s name, permanent mailing address, social security number (1099 purposes), etc. Provide a completed University of Memphis Payment to Individual Contractor form showing agreement of payment and services. Also, include a flyer or some type of document that shows the event at which the person will be speaking or performing services.
  • What do I need for reimbursing the University of Memphis?
    University of Memphis departments may submit a request for the Foundation to reimburse the University for an expense that the department has previously paid using University funds. A Banner screen print showing the amount, index code, and account codes (FOPAL) must be provided.
  • What do I need for meal reimbursement to University of Memphis employees?
    In requesting for meal reimbursement, submit a completed expenditure request form with payment information and original detailed receipts.
  • What do I need for rental payment?
    In requesting for rental payment, submit a completed Expenditure Request Form and attach the contract between the venue and the University of Memphis (if any).
  • Does the Foundation make donation payments?
    The Foundation only makes donation payments on behalf of the University directly to a 501c3 non‐profit entity and does not reimburse individuals. Supporting documents should be provided with a completed expenditure request form.
  • Does the Foundation pay for event tickets?
    Yes. Submit a completed expenditure form and attach a list of attendees. The listed names should match the total number of tickets purchased. If University employees are involved the request should explain the University business purpose as to why the University employee(s) is attending. In some cases, event tickets (such as sporting events) may be a taxable situation for the University employee and will be reported to the University Accounting area for further review and evaluation. If you have a question about an event possibly being taxable for University employees refer those questions to the University Controller's Office.
  • What is needed to process payment for professional services?
    In requesting payment for professional services, submit completed expenditure form and attach a signed contract between the individual and University. If there is not a contract, provide an invoice showing the work performed. Also, include a social security or tax identification number and a physical address for 1099 purposes. The Foundation does not pay employees for professional services.
  • Does the Foundation pay invoices for the University's food vendor?
    The Foundation does pay these invoices. The Foundation only accepts the final version (with invoice number) to prevent duplicate payment of invoices. A completed expenditure request form needs to be submitted with the invoice. The expenditure request is required to have the University business purpose indicated and approved by the University person authorized for the Foundation fund being charged for the food costs.
  • Does the Foundation pay for alcoholic beverages?
    Yes. The Foundation does accept payment requests for alcohol expenses from the University. However, University staff should make sure an explanation (University business purpose) is documented on the expenditure request before submitting for payment. The alcohol cost and the University business purpose requires approval from the University person authorized to charge expenses for the Foundation fund being used for the alcohol expense. Which would be the Dean, Department Head or authorized designee.
  • Does the Foundation pay taxes and tips?
    Yes. The Foundation does reimburse taxes and tips. However, the University department should first seek sales tax exemption if possible, before requesting reimbursement for taxes. Reimbursment for tips in excess of 20% require Dean or Department Head approval and in some cases may require approval from the President's Office.
  • Does the Foundation pay moving expenses?
    The Foundation will pay moving expenses only to the University and not the employee.
  • Does the Foundation make scholarship award payments?
    The Foundation does not pay tuitions to the student directly but are invoiced by the University of Memphis.
  • Does the Foundation pay for gift cards giving to U of M employees?
    Due to IRS regulation, the Foundation does not pay for gift cards to University’s employees (including student workers, graduate assistants).
  • What items are not paid by the University of Memphis Foundation?
    The Foundation does not pay salaries (including professional service to employees), cash awards to the University of Memphis employees, payments to foreigners or foreign organizations, or purchases through Tiger Buy. These payments should be processed through University of Memphis. The Foundation fund may be used to reimburse University for such expenses.
  • Can a suborbinate approve expenses for their supervisor?
    No. The next higher level of approval is required. For example, a Business Officer cannot approve expenses for the Dean or Department Head. Compliance with University policy "BF4000-Approval for Financial Transactions" is required for all expenses submitted to the Foundation. The Foundation is considered a "100% component unit of the University" for financial statement purposes and disburses funds on behalf of the University.

The Foundation issues payments for and on behalf of the University.

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